English at Mount Street

English is recognised as fundamental to the progress of a child. We teach skills to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing- including grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting.

Phonics for reading

For KS1 and some KS2 children are taught daily phonics for 20 minutes using the SFA (success for all) programme. This focuses on discrete phonic teaching of sounds; encouraging children to break words down into the individual sounds and enables children to read and write individual words and phrases.

1st February is World Read Aloud Day.  We will be Dropping Everything And Reading at different points throughout the day.  Also, throughout the day, we will be writing our own story as a school which will be read out in Assembly at the end of the day.  In addition, we are encouraging parents to take pictures of themselves with their children as they enjoy sharing a book together.

We recognise the importance of literacy in our lives.  Our pupils need to develop the ability to read fluently with confidence, understanding and pleasure for the following reasons:

We need to be able to read in order to survive in everyday life. 
Without a developing ability to read, children are unable to make the most of educational opportunities.

Reading is a source of pleasure that should be available to all children.

A range of exciting texts are carefully chosen to engage and enrich the children’s learning experience.


In writing, we teach children how to write words through spelling activities and then to form sentences. We teach grammar, punctuation and spelling in discrete sessions but also as part of the English lesson. We look at a variety of genres and use all opportunities for writing across the curriculum to embed skills and enhance learning.



In other subjects English skills are a priority.

  •        We TALK about reading and writing.
  •        Role play and storytelling
  •        ‘BORROW’ or ‘magpie’ exciting words (WOW words) and phrases from other authors.
  •        We use TRIPS and VISITORS to stimulate writing
  •        Edit their own writing and find ways to make it better. We call this ‘UP LEVELLING’
Teachers give EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK about writing so children know what they have done well and what they need to do next to improve.