Mount Street Primary School and Nursery

Aim:  We will climb to the top of the mountain and beyond!

Vision:  We want to know what the experience will be like when we get there and how we will apply our skills and knowledge we gain. What is past the Mountain?!

Mission:  We need to know how, or by what routes, we are going to take to get there and what equipment we will need.

Values:  These are based on the cooperative Values.


Learn to Learn                                  

               Dedicated to learning

                                       The power of risk

                                                             Dare to dream

                                                                                   Believe you can achieve.


                                                                                                                             Enjoy the journey!

Lessons come from the journey, not the destination

Our Vision is to ‘climb high’ by driving innovative learning opportunities which can transform children’s lives and the wider community.

Inspired by learning together with our children, parents, staff and community members, we aim for each person to reach their full potential.

Inspire all generations to have a passion for learning.

Encourage active communication and to respect all cultures.

That children will feel empowered to make a positive contribution in society through their powerful learning and risk taking.

Undertake risks to challenge themselves and prepare them for an ever changing world.

Encourage positive risk taking, challenging individuals to raise their expectations and strive to be the best