Our School

Values and Ethos Statement

Learn, Enjoy, Achieve your Personal Best!

Mount Street School community is one in which everyone is valued and belongs. We want all to have high self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline so that everyone develops to be the best they can and can take responsibility for their actions; understanding their role in our community and the world they share with everybody.

Some of the values we hold close to our hearts at Mount Street are:

Honesty and integrity
Mutual respect

They underpin and guide our actions in all circumstances. All staff are dedicated to defending these values and equipping children with the same life values to enable them to make good choices and reach their full potential in life.

Self-help: all helping each other to achieve their goal.

Self-responsibility: acting responsibly in the school community

Democracy: everyone has an active voice in making decisions

Equality: everyone has equal rights and equal benefits.

Equity: everyone is treated and rewarded justly and fairly.

Solidarity: everyone supports each other at Mount Street


These values are woven into all we do at school through our:

Golden Rules’

Be Kind & helpful

Be gentle

Be a powerful learner

Be an active listener

Look after property

Be honest


Lessons come from the journey, not the destination

We value learning in school and promote this actively in the wider community. Cooperative learning is at the centre of the school ethos for learning where values are put into action daily.


  • Our learning Ethos is:
  • Fun, engaging and challenging
  • To develop great thinkers who embrace challenges
  • To Promote curiosity, enthusiasm and independence
  • To develop and foster powerful learners
  • Inspired by learning together with our children, parents, staff and community members, we aim for each person to reach their full potential
  • To inspire all generations to have a passion for learning
  • To encourage active communication and to respect all cultures
  • That children will feel empowered to make a positive contribution in society through their powerful learning and risk taking
  • For everyone to undertake risks to challenge themselves and prepare them for an ever changing world
  • To encourage positive risk taking, challenging individuals to raise their expectations and strive to be the best

                Dedicated to learning

                                       The power of risk

                                                             Dare to dream

                                                                                   Believe you can achieve.


                                                                                                                             Enjoy the journey!


At Mount Street we learn about Values as part of our curriculum and assembly cycle. We also celebrate when people are showing values in action - by sharing them in celebration assembly, giving them team points, CCC cup or by going to the ‘golden book.’

We also have support from our parents as part of their home school agreement is supporting our values.

All staff at Mount Street also model these value to the children every day.

Values are needed to help everyone through journey in life. Understanding values can help make difficult decisions, even when the children are grown--up.

To experience being valued is a special feeling and something we want to make sure everyone experiences at Mount Street. 

In October 2016 239 children attended our School and Nursery.