School Improvement Plan

Strategic Intentions


  • To develop and foster powerful learners who drive and facilitate their own learning
  • To learn together; raising aspirations to succeed.


  • To provide creative, fun and innovative learning opportunities through the classroom, outdoors and external partnerships.
  • To value learning.


  • To raise the attainment and progress of all learners to be expected or better than expected.
  • To provide good value for money.

your Personal-best

  • To be positive role models for social behaviour; guiding children to have good moral values.
  • To develop children who celebrate and respect diversity and culture.

Our Vision and Strategic intentions are based on the Co-operative Values.

All staff are dedicated to defending these values and equipping children with the same life values to enable them to make good choices and reach their full potential in life.

Self-help - Individual members help each other whilst helping themselves towards the strategic intentions and overall Vision. Individuals strive to control the pathway to their destiny; challenging themselves with positive risk taking.

Self-responsibility - All members act responsibly and are active in the School Community and feel responsible for the success of Mount Street within the Cooperative Trust.

Democracy - All members have an active voice in making decisions.

Equality - All members have equal rights to be informed and equal benefits.

Equity - All members are treated and rewarded justly and fairly.

Solidarity - All members share a sense of collective responsibility for the learning at Mount Street and within the Trust.  Supporting each other and other co-operatives.



In three years' time Mount Street Primary School will be a Centre of Excellence that is widely recognised for

  • the very strong education provided to all the children,
  • outstanding teaching and learning,
  • being a rewarding and challenging place to work and/or volunteer.




The Governing Body will

  1. Ensure stability of the budget continues by
  • Increasing pupil numbers
  • Increasing income
  • Making even better use of additional funding opportunities
  • Joining a Multi-Academy Trust
  1. Continue due-diligence for joining BridgeMAT
The whole school will

3.    Improve the percentages of pupils making expected and rapid progress in writing to

  •   85% sufficient progress
  •   25% progressing to a greater depth

4.    Maintain and further improve the percentages of pupils making expected and, in particular, rapid progress in reading and maths to

  •   85% expected progress
  •   25% rapid progress

5.    Improve the quality parental involvement.

6.    curriculum / planning big

  •   To ensure creative line opportunities are planned in a cross curricular manner each week
  •   To ensure BIG enrichment events/trips are planned to boost quality and experiential writing opportunities.


Detailed, costed and time-framed ACTION PLANS are written by subject/ theme leaders to ensure rigorous and continuous improvements are made consistently across the school.