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Autumn term


This term we will be looking at many different writing types and these are explanation texts, dilemma stories, cinquain poems, instructions and adventure stories. We will continue to focus on learning the Year 3/4 spelling words as well as different spelling patterns including prefixes and suffixes. Throughout this term we will be using a wider range of conjunctions and expanded noun phrases to make our writing even more exciting and engaging. We will continue to work on our editing and improving skills too.

Whole class reading activities will be part of each day. The texts we look at will be topic based and include fiction, non-fiction and poetry. During these session, we will further develop fluency, inference, retrieval, prediction, sequencing and summarising skills.



This term we will start with further developing knowledge of 4 -digit place value, rounding and Roman numerals. We will then be learning how to add and subtract  , estimate, check and solve problems using 4-digit number. The next step will then be looking at strategies to solve multiplication and division calculations using larger numbers.

Throughout each week, we will spend time practising the times tables using many resources including TTrockstars. This knowledge will be a huge benefit to understanding many aspects of maths in the future and will also be assessed in a national multiplication test in the Summer.



After half term , we will be learning about electricity, circuits and switches. We will learn about sustainable ways to make electricity and make sure we understand electricity safety.



Throughout the Autumn term we will be learning about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxon from the period of 793CE- 1066CE. We will look at who these people were, how they lived and why they 

came here. There are lots of exciting adventures, a few dragons and quite a few longships!



Our topic for this term is Natural Resources. We will look at renewable and non-renewable resources and where they are found across the world. We will also consider the impact of using sustainable resources on the planet.



This term begins by looking at the Christian Trinity through baptism, artwork and the bible.

After half term we will be finding out about some of the significant beliefs and celebrations in the Hindu faith.



Linking with our Vikings topic, we will be creating dragon's eye sketches, colour wheels and our very own dragon's eye clay amulet.


Design and technology

Miss Price loves reading before she goes to sleep but the problem is it is getting too dark to see the text. This term's project is to design, build and evaluate a bedside reading lamp with a working switch to solve this problem.



This term we will be working on balance, rolls and sequences in our indoor sessions and looking at a variety of skills and task to further develop skills in agility and speed in outdoor PE. We also hope to include 3 weeks swimming during this term and more information about this will follow. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school on Monday to keep in school each week.



As well as singing and performing this term,we will also have guitar tuition with Mr Norman using the school's guitars.



We will have an opportunity to revisit Teams which will support Remote Learning if this should be needed in the future. We will also be refreshing our understanding of e-safety and what steps to take to keep safe on line.



Following the Jigsaw programme, we will be looking at Being Me and Celebrating Difference through a variety of discussion tasks and activities.


MFL ( French)

With Miss Pooley, the children will continue to follow the ilanguages programme learning french through games, songs , conversation and activities.