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Autumn Term 2021

Our completed hides!

Our DT project this term was to construct bird hides.

Investigating Shadows.


Today, Year 6 have been investigating the effect of the position of the light source on the size and shape of the shadow.  They have carried out a fair test by keeping the object, torch and rule the same but varying the distance of the light source from the object and measuring the size of the shadow

Investigating reflection

In order to investigate how light travels, Year 6 have made two different types of periscope.  Periscopes are used in submarines and were also used in the trenches during the First and Second World Wars.


Light bounces of an object and travels in a straight line into the top of the periscope where it hits the top mirror at an angle of 45°.  It bounces off at the same angle and travels down the tube in a straight line to the second mirror.  The light hits the second mirror and again bounces off and travels into your eye where you see an image.

Investigating Circuits

In Science, our focus this term is electricity so we have been carry out a series of challenges.

Firstly, we had to create a simple working circuit to show how much we remembered from Year 4.

Then, using a variety of battery types, wires and bulbs, we investigated how we could change the brightness of a bulb.

Next, we had hands on examples of the effects of ‘overloading’ a circuit with too many bulbs or motors. The power from the cell or battery is shared between them.

Finally, we had to create a circuit using a switch that we had made ourselves with items found in the classroom.