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Dojo Masters

28th July

28th July 1 Amaya (Y3)
28th July 2 NIna (Y4)
28th July 3 Fatima C (Y5)
28th July 4 Ayhan (Y6)

21st June

21st June 1 Oliver (Y3)
21st June 2 Eduard (Y4)
21st June 3 Afiq (Y5)
21st June 4 Rui (Y6)

14th June

14th June 1 Edward (Y3)
14th June 2 Yasmin (Y5)
14th June 3 Angel (Y4)
14th June 4 Phoebe (Y6)

7th June

7th June 1 Thomas (Y4)
7th June 2 Alex (Y5)
7th June 3 Lucy (Y3)
7th June 4 Katya (Y6)

17th May

17th May 1 Oliver (Y3)
17th May 2 Linden and Katia (Y6)
17th May 3 Thomas (Y4)
17th May 4 Katie-Marie (Y5)

10th May

10th May 1 Daria (Y3)
10th May 2 Haitham (Y5)
10th May 3 Leone (Y4)
10th May 4 Phoebe (Y6)

3rd May

3rd May 1 Fatima C (Y5)
3rd May 2 Morgan (Y6)
3rd May 3 Nina (Y4)
3rd May 4 Hazim (Y6)
3rd May 5 Nyomi (Y3)

26th April

26th April 1 Mazin (Y6)
26th April 2 Antonio (Y4)
26th April 3 Laila-May (Y3)

29th March

29th March 1 Enass (Y5)
29th March 2 Mihai (Y4)
29th March 3 Daniel (Y6)
29th March 4 Daria (Y3)