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Drug Education

Drug education is an important aspect of the health education curriculum, of the whole child’s development physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.


Our aim in Drug Education is to enable children to make healthy informed choices, taking responsibility for their own welfare.  Children should also be made aware of the people who are able to help and to appreciate the problems of those who are involved in experimentation. We believe that we should inform and educate children concerning the consequences of drug use and misuse.


A variety of resources will be used, including role play, circle time for discussion, TV and radio programmes. Safety in general is addressed within the yearly assembly cycle. Other agencies talk to the children about being safe.


Children are taught:


  •          What drugs are? (legal and illegal) 
  •          Why people take drugs?
  •          The effects of drugs on your body
  •          How to keep yourself and your family safe


Y6 attend Junior Life Skills which covers safety activities. Y6 also do presentations to younger children on drug safety.


We use to support our teaching and learning.