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Reception Home Learning Activities

Hi Reception Class and welcome to another brand new week of learning from home. I hope you have had a relaxing weekend at home with your family and you’re feeling ready to get busy with our homelearning again. Just like last week there is one Phonics, one Maths and one Literacy lesson video link to watch and learn from again (new ones this week)! There is also the ‘Other Learning’ grid for you to look at which has the same 10 activities on as last week. You should have completed 5 last week (one each afternoon) so there are 5 left to complete this week. Choose a different one everyday for this week to keep you busy in the afternoons. Joe Wicks is carrying on with his PE lessons up again so do have a look on Youtube for a new one of these everyday from 9am (the link is on our weekly timetable) and this week I have put up a link for ‘SuperMovers’ which I think you might enjoy to keep you active. There is also a new wake and shake to try on Tuesday! Remember to read a book or listen to a story at the end of everyday or at bedtime and include lots of time to learn when you are playing with your toys at home. There are links on the weekly timetable which helps you access online books and stories. It is important to exercise so make sure you go outside with your grown-up(s) to enjoy a walk. Keep logging your miles that you run, jog, walk or cycle on Tapestry so I can add them to our weekly challenge! I am running my miles and have recorded them on our class set of miles. I have loved seeing some of your learning on Tapestry so far so keep uploading pictures and videos of all of the work you are doing at home! There are more extra jobs which have been attached onto our class page below if you would like some more activities to keep you busy.

Love from, Miss Knox 😊

Reception Class Suggested Weekly Timetable

Wednesday’s Phonics lesson. 

This week we’re going to have a recap week to practise everything we have learnt over the last 3 weeks. Follow the instructions and links to complete the recap jobs.


Start off by reading these words using Fred-talking:

Now read these words to practise reading using digraphs we know:

Ask your grown-up to read these words out loud for you, Fred-talk them and then write them down:

shook, out, toys, fair

Ask your grown-up to read this sentence out loud for you, repeat it after them 3 times and then try to write it. Remember to include a capital letter at the start of your sentence, clear fingerspaces between each word and a fullstop at the end of the sentence:

The boy and the book.

Follow this link to listen to Wednesday’s Literacy lesson. The lesson is lesson 8:

This ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears' unit has 10 lessons in it and will last for 2 weeks.

Follow this link to listen to Wednesday’s Maths lesson. The lesson is lesson 8:

This ‘numbers within 10’ unit has 10 lessons in it and will last for 2 weeks.

'Other Activities' for Weeks Beginning 18.01.21 and 25.01.21

Virtual Miles Challenge!

PSSP (Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership) have launched a virtual miles challenge where you can run, walk, jog or cycle as many miles as you can! Keep a record of how many miles you complete and send them to me. These miles will all be recorded for Mount Street and be entered into a city wide competition where PSSP will see which school has completed the most miles. Have a look at the poster below for more information. I will be running all of my miles and joining in too. Good luck!