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Spring Term



This term we will be looking at many different writing types including Myths, discussion texts, newspaper reports, historic fiction and poetry. We will continue to focus on learning Year 3/ 4 high frequency words as well as different spelling patterns which include homophones and suffixes. Throughout this term we continue to use a wide range of conjunctions, expanded noun phrases that are modified with prepositions, fronted adverbials and other ways to make our writing more exciting and engaging for the reader. We will continue to improve our writing by checking and editing. Presentation will be a focus to and we will regularly practising consistent, legible and joined handwriting.


Each day, we have a whole class reading activity. The texts are both topic based and from our Reading Spine for Year 3/ 4. These include fiction, non-fiction , poetry and plays and these sessions will further develop fluency, inference, retrieval, prediction, sequencing and summarising skills.


All children will have a home reading book suited to their reading level and this will be assessed regularly throughout the term. Each time a child reads to an adult or takes a AR reading test, they will be given a raffle ticket and at the end of the term a book prize will be awarded to the winner.







This term we will continue to focus on multiplication and division with numbers up to 3-digits. We will then be learning more about finding, adding and subtracting fractions. Good knowledge of times tables will be needed to solve these challenges. We will also be learning more about finding areas of a shape.


Each week , we will continue to spend time practising the times tables using many resources including TTRockstars. This knowledge will be a huge benefit to understanding many aspects of Maths in the future and will also be assessed in a national multiplication test in the summer.





This term we will be undertaking a number of investigations and further developing our working scientifically skills. We will be learning about human digestion, teeth and food chains during the first half-term. After half-term, we will be learning about sound, how it is made, travels and received by us.





Throughout the Spring term, we will be learning about different aspects of the life and times of Ancient Greece. These include the first Olympics, democracy, culture , city states and tales of myth and legend.






This term, we do not have a specific geography topic this term but we will continue to focus on learning continents, seas and countries of Europe.





This term we continue to focus on learning more about the Hindu faith. We will also be looking at the first  Easter story for Christians.





Linking with our topic Ancient Greece, we will further developing our clay skills by making pots in the style of those from Ancient Greece and further sketching and pattern making skills.



Design and technology



This term we will be focusing on cookery in our Design and technology sessions this term. To link with Ancient Greece we will be tasting, developing and making our own hummus. We will also continue to develop our preparation of vegetables and understanding and practice of food hygiene.





This term we will be developing dances influenced by our understanding of the world of Ancient Greece, continue to develop our gym skills and focus on invasion games focusing on tag rugby.





As well as singing opportunities, we will also continue guitar tuition and this term we will be working with Mr Norman and continue to use the school's guitars.




We will regularly cover e-safety topics, what steps to take to keep safe on line and our responsibilities. We will also look at HTML and creating Scratch quizzes.






We will continue to follow the Jigsaw programme, we will be looking at a variety of discussion tasks and activities.



MFL ( French)



With Miss Pooley, the children will continue to follow the ilanguages programme continuing to learn french through games, songs , conversation and activities.