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Summer Term

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 2!



We have got an exciting term of writing!  We will be writing non-chronological reports and information texts based on The voyage of the Mayflower as part of an ongoing project to celebrate the Mayflower 300. We will   also be writing wishing stories and making our own tales up! We will also be writing Journey stories - again linking in to the journey of the Mayflower! We will also be completing a wonderful unit on poetry and description!  Across all aspects of our writing, we will be working on a range of grammatical features including the use of expanded noun phrases, punctuation, the use of conjunctions to join ideas and a range of spelling patterns as well as working very hard on our handwriting and presentation. 



We will begin the term looking at shape, both 2D and 3D and thinking about the properties of shapes, symmetry and pattern. We will then progress to learn about fractions. Moving on to the subjects of Length and height, Position and Direction and finally Time. Throughout all areas of study this term we will continue to embed the children's knowledge on multiplication tables - specifically counting in 2, 5 and 10 - we hope to progress to counting in 3 before the end of the term.



This term we will be working on learning about plants and growth. We will learn the main features of a flower and a tree. We will learn and understand what the features are and what they are for. We will learn about what plants need to live and thrive and will be growing our own seeds and conducting a range of experiments! Getting our hands dirty and watching nature at its best! 



All our history units were covered in the Autumn and Spring terms. However we will discuss what we have learned so far and will focus on sources and historical fact and research. We will be using the skills and knowledge from the last 2 terms to complete a report on The Mayflower and that historical journey. 



This term's geography will begin with the UK, where we are and the 4 countries that make up the UK. We will then progress into the seas around the UK. We then zoom out and look at the whole world - the 5 oceans and 7 continents. We will learn about some of the manmade and natural features across the globe. Learning about some of the countries in each continent. We will be revisiting some facts for last years curriculum and building upon them in year2. By the final stages of year 2 we will conduct a cross curricular piece of research comparing Plymouth UK to Plymouth in the USA. looking at the city, climate, jobs, features, buildings and leisure. 



Both of our PE slots this term are set outside in the fresh air. This term will focus on  throwing and catching skills. We will throw and catch a range of items from beanbags, quoits and a range of balls. We will learn simple throwing and catching skills and focus on accuracy and delivery. This is in preparation for ball and team games by the end of the term. During the second half term will will be learning some athletic skills including sprinting and relay races.  



For the first half of term we will be learning about the Good News Bible for Christians and, after half term, we will be focusing on what makes some places sacred for believers. Sacred and special places for all beliefs and people. We will learn about a range of places and find out what makes each one special. We will finally design our own special place and explain what makes it special. We will also discuss respect and care for othere peoples feelings and thoughts. 



this term starts with an exploration into pattern and colour. We will be using technology to explore repeating patterns and make links to maths. In the second half term, We will be learning all about POP Art from the USA. Looking at some famous pieces of art from Warhol to some of his fellow artists of the time. 



We will be learning to accompany songs with a pulse - working from the Charanga scheme of work - thinking about beats and Rhythm. 



Due to missing a significant area last term, we will be continuing to learn about cutting and chopping. To ensure that the unit has been completed we will be making our ow bread with a range of toppings, cutting and chopping to make a fruit salad and preparing a picnic. We will also be designing and making our own bags to place our picnic in, focusing on joining and suitable materials. We will end the unit by having a class picnic for the afternoon.  



We will be learning how to conduct research on the internet safely and effectively. We will learn how to search, store and present information. This will be linked to our Mayflower topic in English, Geography and include History elements too. 



For the first half of term we will focus on relationships as well as mental health and appreciation and respect and after half term, we will focus on how our bodies are changing and identifying features of our bodies.




PPA is on Thursday and Mrs Pooly will be teaching music, whole class reading and RE/PSHE.


Class Admin 

Home learning: 

This will be set on Friday to be returned by the following Thursday. I will set a writing job and a maths job. 

Reading – 10 minutes reading daily. Books will be sent home in packs of 2 or 3 every Monday and Thursday. We ask that an adult signs the reading diary and it is handed in at least once per week.

in addition to the school set books, please remember that you can also log onto Oxfor Reading OWL (as per lockdown) and read books of your choice. 

Times Tables –  Please use the TT Rockstars App.

Spelling - Please use the Magic Spell App. 

Games and PE:

Children will need their PE kit in school all week , PE is now on a Wednesday afternoon and games on a Friday.

Kit:         Trainers, white shirt, blue shorts, football socks.

In colder weather, a plain tracksuit should be worn outdoors for games.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are named. A small named bag containing your PE kit is all that is necessary, as cloakroom space is limited. 


Due to Covid restrictions, please arrange to meet with me by contacting reception, see me at the side KS1 gate in the morning or at the end of the day or message me via Class Dojos if you want to discuss anything regarding your child's education, health or welfare.