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W/C 01.06.20

Hi My petit saucisse! 

I hope you all had a very happy, relaxing and safe half term holiday?  I've had a super few days off in the sunshine. I've managed to plant some vegetables in my garden and fingers crossed I will take good care of them. I wonder if any of you could remind me what a plant needs to grow healthily? Your science learning this week might challenge you to grow something from seeds you find in your kitchen! 

This week we see some children returning to school for a few days. This is being done very slowly and carefully to make sure everyone is safe. We must do things gradually and I hope we get to see more of you very soon. 

While you are away from school and home learning, remember to try and keep up with your maths, English and spelling, read daily and use your oracy skills to have some great discussions. Maybe you could write some down so we can talk about some of the interesting things you have learned during this time! What will you remember most about 'Lockdown'?

I hope you are looking at some of the science, geography, history and art activities too! What fantastic facts have you found out about? Have you been interested in something totally different and completed your own research? I'd love to hear what you have been up too! 

I've now completed the book Ms Price loaned me: 'Who let The Gods Out' by Maz Evans. Do you remember that it was all about a young Zodiac Goddess on a mission? Well it was brilliant! I loved it so much that I'm searching for the next book. I'd still love to hear all about the books you are reading this week. 

Miss you lots like Jelly Tots. 

Take care my little smelly sausages. 

Mrs K 



I see, I think, I wonder 

Look closely at this picture and discuss with someone at home: 

1. What you can see

2. What you think is happening 

3. What you wonder about the picture


Don't forget your sentence stems. 

I can see...and

I think that...because...

I wonder


As usual please continue to play TT Rockstars and Numberbots. These games and your scores are showing some speedy calculations and much improved mental maths! You Rock! 


Here are 5 formal English sessions for this week from the Hamilton web page: 


Reading Comprehension Skills 


Spelling and Grammar 


Writing ideas! 

This week we have seen a rocket launched into space in America. What was it, where did it happen, what did it look like, why did it happen? What will the rocket do? When was the last rocket sent up into space? What will be next? Can you write a newspaper report on the event? Check out the news report from Newsround.

Or : You are an astronaut. Where would you take your rocket and why? Can you describe what you will do, see and how you will feel doing it?  Remember to write in the first person (as you). Write it in the past tense and explain what you did and why. The most important thing about this writing is that you describe what you see, do and feel. I know you have never been to space so maybe research first. There are lots of videos and texts on line by astronaut Tim Peake –research what he did and how he described his adventure. Here is a great interview with the man himself!


 Last week you looked at the life cycle of a plant. This week we are going to focus on seeds. Click on this link and learn all about seeds – the complete the activity about seeds in your own kitchen! What could you grow?


When you are out on your daily walk/exercise try and jog a little of the way? Can you do some lunges as you walk? Maybe dance, hop or skip some of the way. Challenge your family to join in with you. Don’t forget to check your pulse…I hope it’s higher than when you started? Keep that heart, body and mind healthy!


What style of art do you like? What types of art are there? Look at these 6 class clips on some artists and styles. What is your favourite and why? Can you create a piece of art work in their style?