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W/C 04.05.20

Hi year 2, 

So this is now the fourth week of summer term. This week you would have been starting your SATs! You have all worked so hard showing perseverance and determination in your work so far this year and I am very proud of you. I know that each and every one of you would have tried their absolute best in all of our 'Booklets'. 

I hope you have all had a good week? I hope you are enjoying the home learning and the maths challenges? I've been busy this week planning, writing and having meetings. I have also managed to do a few Joe Wicks workouts and have some long walks while staying safe. I must admit that my legs hurt a little! You guys must be so fit now! 

I've also been doing lots of home learning with my children too and I now know lots about German and KS3 Geography. cool

Maybe some of you have been keeping a diary in these strange times, a little bit like Samuel Pepys and his diary. That was another important historical event! 

This week I have added some oracy to the learning - you know what to do with this talking point. You can use a range of sentence stems like: I think that....because...and....I agree that ....building on from ....  look at the talking point and discuss it with your grownups or someone else in your family! 

I continue to miss you all and look forward to seeing your learning on the Facebook or Twitter pages. 

Stay safe my little sausages! 

See you very soon. 

Mrs K 

Weekly overview and plan

Oracy question this week : If you were a bird, where in the world would you go and why? Don't forget your sentence stems.


 Please use the White Rose resources from the website below. There is a different activity for each day! We are on week 4, this will be the one dated 27.04.20 on the site. Remember that on the Website for each day there is a short video clip to help explain what the activity is about. We are completing our unit on Fractions! As ever please make sure you work on TTRockstars and Numbots. I can see your scores and they are telling me that you are getting quicker and more accurate all the time!


Each week the English task is based on a selection of texts. Using Hamilton Trust and the weekly lessons building upon what you have completed so far. They include reading tasks, comprehension and writing tasks


Reading continues to be so important for our development, relaxation and mental health! Try and read every day. I've put some more links on the class front page for you. Some are links to magazines and cartoons! 

Have a go at one, or both of these reading comprehensions. Last week we looked at two non fiction reads, this week I've chosen two fiction texts. They are at different levels so get your grown up to help you read the one suited to you. 


Spelling and Grammar 

Keep on with the Magic Spell app. You guys are whizzing through this and soon we should be able to upgrade our wand! Keep going. 

There is also a great link here to some grammar and spelling activities. 


Writing ideas

Write a poem about your favourite weather. You can choose which style of poem you would like to write it in. It could have rhyming words, be an acrostic or a shape poem. It is up to you. 


Or you could write instructions on how to make your favourite sandwich or lunch time meal. Remember to write a sentence explaining the purpose of the instructions, make a list of what you will need, use adverbials of time (next, then) and use commands. 


What do plants need to grow? Watch the videos and complete the quiz. You could even try and plant some seeds at home. If you do not have seeds maybe your grown up can search the internet to help you plant something leftover from your kitchen. This week I have planted some old potatoes and they are growing! 


Pick a historical figure from this page and create a poster all about them. We could talk about them in class and explore what you have found when we return to school. 


PE and relaxation 

You can still use Joe Wicks, and although he has has an operation on his wrist, he is still completing the daily workouts (with a little help).  Or again Just Dance is a favourite in my house. Gonoodle offer a huge range of singing and dancing activities. 



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Then we need to relax and wind down. There is a great link to Cbbc bedtime stories on the front class page but I always like to wind down and chill out with some meditation or yoga. Try this bear hunt out! 

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