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W/C 06.07.20

Hello My wonderful Year 2 squishies! 

Hello again and I hope you are all staying happy, busy and safe?

What a week. There are lots of changes this week with more shops and public places opening up. All the grown ups in school are working hard to make school ready for when you all come back. Some things might look a little different but mostly things will be as you remember them. So there is nothing to worry about. I did ask for a water slide as you come into the top playground but everyone said no! Sorry about that! I did try. 

VEGGIE UPDATE . I've got cucumbers! Yay! They are only small but they are very tasty! I also dug up the potatoes I planted and I got.......5 tiny potatoes!   

Remember that last Sunday I went on a bike ride to Padstow on a bike path called The Camel Trail? Well luckily I didn't bump into any camels, but I did nearly get blown off my bike! It was so windy. Luckily when we got to Padstow the fish and chip shop was still open so we had some yummy chips.....mmmmmm......chips.......

Last week in science you learned all about sound, so this week I thought it would be a great idea to learn all about how to layer up sounds, add a beat and make your own music! Your families can thank me later! cheeky

Have a super week, keep reading and send those letters and pictures in. I love every one of them! 

Miss you lots like slippery mops! 

Be cool my stegosaurus sausages. 

Mrs K

General overview for the week

Oracy Challenge! 

This time it's an odd one out challenge. Here are three pictures of different places. Which one do you think is the odd one out and why? There is no real right or wrong answer here. I have just chosen random images. You decide for yourself what links two of them and what makes one the odd one out in your own opinion. Is your view the same or different to someone else's? Can you convince them to your way of thining? Have you changed your mind? Don't forget your sentence stems and's ok to be persuaded to change your ideas! 


BBC Bitesize weekly maths for year 2 . click on the link. There are tasks and videos each day and challenges to complete. Can you complete the daily maths challenges using all the year 2 skills? 

Don’t forget to keep up your TTRockstars and Numbots challenges!


Listen to the story of Zog on you tube. Read along if you have the book. 

Writing ideas –

  1. Fill in this six box grid to retell the story of Zog in 6 images. Make sure it’s in the correct sequence. You can add words too if you wish.
  2. Use your story map/plan to tell the story of Zog to someone in your family. You could even phone someone up and tell it to them!
  3. Now write – If you had a superpower what would it be? Why? What would you do with it?  Do you want to write a story about a different dragon with a new power? An information sheet for that dragon to help them use the power safely?  An idea for a film? Instructions? You use whatever style of writing you wish to and write whatever this image makes you think of. You are in charge. As year 2 and in the final weeks of year 2 you can use all of the skills. Remember handwriting, spelling rules, can you use suffixes (-ly , -est, -er) , prefixes (diss-, un-) ? Conjunctions (and, if, so , but, because)?


There are also 5 formal daily lessons in English from Hamilton Trust as usual. 


Don’t forget to read every day! I have included three reading activities this week for you to focus on. There is one for poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Click on the documents to complete them.

Spelling and Grammar 

This week I’ve enclosed some spelling challenges. Can you correct the spellings and write them out correctly. These words are from the year 2 spelling list or they include the spelling patterns for year 2.

There is also a spelling activity for making contractions. Can you correctly identify them and write them in the right place? 

Keep it up Wizards with the Magic spelling app –Can you improve your scores? The General year two log on you can all use: Username : Dave Yeartwo       Password: EQJAQNDS

Try these spelling games too : there are three activities and games to help with spelling and asking questions!


Try this weekly reflection sheet. What has gone well for you what hasn’t? What could you change?


Follow this step by step guide to create a well known cartoon character! 

Science and DT 

How is energy made and used? Take a look here and complete the lessons.  What is a fossil fuel? Can you explain that to me? Think about the advantages and the disadvantages of using fossil fuels. Can you complete the challenges?


The video on this page all about making a beat and layering up a song just like a cake! Play the interactive game and complete the activity. ‘Bring the noise’ indeed year 2! This Link also has many more musical activities using body percussion and instruments. Have a go and find a new talent.


The big questions today is: What do we know about dinosaurs? What were they? When did they live? What facts can you tell me about them? Using the facts from this link and dinosaur game could you make a set of dinosaur top trumps cards to play with your family?