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W/C 08.06.20


I hope you are all happy, busy and safe? Monday 8th June is World Ocean day! I've included a link to a powerpoint assembly all about this and some of your home learning this week is linked to this subject! We are lucky to live so close to the sea and enjoy the coastline. Devon and Cornwall is so beautiful and is full of exciting plants and wildlife. The sea is important to us all. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the sea and oceans. 

VEGGIE UPDATE . Last week I said I'd planted some vegetables... well  I've managed to kill two of them - I forgot to water them for a couple of days and because plants need water to grow, unfortunately one or two didn't.  I must try my best this week! How did you get on with your planting? Did any of you begin your science challenge to grow some seeds from your kitchen? I saw on the school facebook page that some children have been growing vegetables in lock down and they looked scrummy! 

This week I've been teaching some children from year 1 for a few days. This is being done very slowly and carefully to make sure everyone is safe. We are having to work in small groups and stay 2 metres away from each other in class, which is tricky but we are getting better at it. While the year ones are brilliant, I miss my super year 2 class and I hope we get to come back together soon. I've seen a couple of you at the school gate dropping brothers or sisters off and that has been lovely! 

I hope that you are continuing to write down some of your lockdown memories. This is an important historical time, Just like Samuel Pepyes , you are recording real live history!  

This week, maybe you could write me a letter? You can post it to school or get your grown up to e mail it? I will collect them all and make a book of all of your lockdown letters. You can write once a week or as often as you like. Tell me what you're doing, what you like and what you don't like, what you have made or questions you might have. I'd love to hear from you. You could even send a card you have made or a picture. 

Miss you lots like Jelly Tots. 

Take care my smart sausages. 

Mrs K 



 You are trapped on a desert island and you don't know when help will come. In your bag you have three items only. Nothing else at all! What items do  you choose and  why do you want them? Explain your choices to a family member using your sentence stems. What do they choose? Can they convince you to change your mind? Use some of the Talk Roles to help your talk!




BBC Bitesize provides daily lessons and challenges with video clips to support the learning. Keep on with your TT Rockstars and Numbots. 



 There are five daily lessons for you this week on the Hamilton website. There are also daily links on the BBC Bitesize page for more formal lessons. 



Don’t forget to read every day! Follow the links on the class page to access free online books for you to read. I haven’t seen many of you in pictures of your reading? Get a picture sent in of you reading your favourite book! This could be put on our Facebook or Twitter page to show our friends and families.


Using the MAGIC SPELL Spelling app, this week's spelling patterns and vocabulary features include: 

  • -ing and -ed suffix  - E.g. jumping, jumped
  • - ar digraph eg spark, dart
  • - igh trigraph – light, sight
  •  Months of the year
  • Nouns and verbs
  • Vowel sounds – a, e, i, o, u

The General year two log on you can all use:

Username : Dave Yeartwo       Password: EQJAQNDS

Practise your neat handwriting is to copy out your spellings correctly.

Spelling and Grammar Mat 4

Writing ideas

  • This week we will be learning all about the oceans as Monday 8th June is World Oceans day.  watch this assembly all about it!
  • Can you write a for and against argument about the use of plastics in our world? Plastic is a useful material, but what are the negative features? What possible solutions can you come up with to fix this? Carry out some of your own research. This might help: 

Other learning 

Continue with our under the sea theme and try to complete this quiz: 


As well as walking, Joe Wicks and Go Noodle – how about you give yoga a try again this week? Yoga for kids on


Habitats – there are six video clips and activities based on global habitats and what they are like, who lives there and how/why. You can look at all of them or simply choose your favourite and most interesting and create a fact sheet on that place and some of its features, creatures that live there and at least three fun facts! You could even focus on under the sea as it’s World Oceans day this week. 


Have you ever wondered how computer games work? Take a look at these lessons on gaming. You already know some features of creating algorithms. Maybe you can come up with something new at home?


Create your own landscape that you can put on your window. Where will your window take you? You don’t need to use the same equipment the lady uses. You can use any felt tips. You can use baby oil or vegetable cooking oil. Just get a grown up to help you.