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W/C 11.05.20

Hi My Little Sausages!

I hope you are well and doing some great work at home? What a great week it has been too. The VE celebrations were fun and it was great to see lots of information on the television and the internet about the VE 75th commemoration. In my street there were lots of flags and bunting hanging from windows. Did you see any? We had a picnic outside and I made my family eat my baking. I wonder if any of you wrote about it in your diaries as this was another important historic event?  

I can't wait to see some of the things you have made or some of the activities you have done with your family! I wonder if any of you have helped make food, or helped a grown up  tidy up or make something at home? I know that I have been teaching my children how to cook and use a hoover... both great life skills. 

This week coming I am going to be giving each one of you a short telephone call just to say hi and have a quick catch up with your news. 

Last weeks Oracy activity was a great success and I hope that you get involved in this weeks challenge. It will also be put on Twitter and facebook so your adult can put your responses on their if they like or you can just discuss them at home. This week it is a 'Would you rather...' question. These are my favourite type of question. Don't forget to use your Oracy skills and Talk rules.  

I miss you all daily and can't wait to hear your news this week (hopefully) on the telephone. 

Stay safe my little sausages! wink

See you very soon

Mrs K x 


Weekly overview and plan

Oracy Talking point this week: 

Would you rather be a huge giant, towering above everyone  for one week of the year or tiny, as small as a blade of grass for one week of the year ? Can you explain your choice and why to someone around you? Maybe you could call a family member or friend and ask them. YOu can use the sentence stems included to help you and if you are the listener, maybe you could use the questions to challenge the person talking?  


Please use White Rose maths resources from the website below. We are running a week behind the website so click on the W/C 04.05.20.


Again here are 5 English Lessons. They include reading and writing tasks and sometimes a video link to watch. There are often a few activities for each day. Choose the one that interests you. 


I hope some of you tried the link to comics and magazines last week? That link is still there for you to use to add to your reading experience. If anyone collected new reading books last week, I hope you enjoyed them. See you this week to exchange them. 

This week I am again adding two reading comprehensions. You know what to do with these, remember each one has a range of leveled reading material in it. Choose your level with your adult. You can do one or both! 


Spelling and Grammar 

Keep up with the Magic Spell App. I check your scores each week to see how you are doing and I'me very impressed by what I can see. Some of you are getting some great spelling scores! I hope you enjoyed working through some of the Homophones activities last week and you can continue with those this week. Here is another option: 

Summer SPag Mat 1

Writing ideas 

  • Imagine you have found a magician’s wand. Write a spell to turn someone into a toad. Include and ingredients list, and step by step instructions. Use adverbials of time, prepositions, commands and adjectives to write your spell.
  • Imagine you have woken up and you now live in a world of Lego! Write a diary of your day in the world of Lego. Think about using adverbials of time to say when things happened and what order they happened in, using past tense, conjunctions and adjectives to describe your day.


Pick one of the many activities on this national Geographic Weblink. There are things to do at home or as part of your daily exercise. 


Watch this clip all about instruments made from rubbish! Could you make an instrument from rubbish? Then could you play a song using it? maybe you could record your song to play when we return to school? 



Try something different this week. Set up a daily challenge and be your own Joe Wicks! Think of 5 exercises that you can do at home and that you like to do. Write them out and see if you can complete them twice. Can you complete your challenge with anyone from your family? Will you be able to complete more repetitions in the 2 minute times through the week? Don't forget to warm up and cool down. For example:

1. 10 press ups

2. 2 minutes running on the spot (can you get faster?) 

3. 2 minutes Spiderman Squats

4. 2 minutes punch, punch, skick, kick (left hand then right, left leg then right - take care to just do this to the air not anyone around you ) 

5. 2 minutes star jumps 

2 minute rest and do it again. Make up your own.