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W/C 13.07.20

Hello My brilliant Year 2 super stars! 

Hello again and I hope you are all staying happy, busy and safe?

We are still working hard in school to get everything ready for you to return in September! I said that I asked for a water slide last week and all the big teachers said no! Well this week I tried to get a fun fair put on the field and a mini zoo on the top play ground but apparently it's tooooooo difficult and they said no...again! 

This week we have been picking blackcurrants, gooseberries and blackberries on the school grounds!  I've also got a hedgehog in my garden! He or she lives under my shed and I now see them every evening snuffling about looking for slugs. I will call them Spike! 

This week would have been our last full week in school before the holidays. sad We would have been getting ready to move up to year 3 and thinking hard about change and how we cope with it. I see change as an adventure. From change comes new and exciting things. This whole year has been full of change and you guys have done so much growing and learning! We would have been looking at our achievements this year, what we are great at and what we want to improve. What we are excited about and what we will miss. 

I've put some maths and English booklets on the website for you to try. These have lots of skills in them that you have been working so hard on. It's a little bit like some practise of some of the main skills that will help you in year 3. Have a go, don't rush it and you can do it whenever you would like over the holiday.

Have a super week, keep reading and staying safe.

Miss you lots like hedgehog plops! 

Be groovy my splendid sausages. 

Mrs K

Oracy challenge this week! 

Take a good look at this image. What can you see? Think about how you could describe this image using your maths learning as well as your English.  What shapes or patterns can you see? What does the house make you think of? Can you see any repetition? Who lives here? Why do you think this? Where do you think the house is? Why? Don't forget to use your sentence stems. Do you see the same things as someone else in your family? 


This week is the final full week of school before the summer break and thinking about moving into year3. I have put a maths and English transition booklet on the website as two documents for you to try. These bring together some of the skills you will find helpful practising before you move into year 3.

Don’t forget to keep up your TTRockstars and Numbots challenges!



There is also an English transition booklet for you to try before moving into year 3. Give it a go!

Listen to the story of the colour monsters on you tube. Read along if you have the book.

More Writing ideas –

  1. Fill up the jars with images of objects that make you feel this way.  
  2. In the large jar, design your own monster. It might have a dash of love, a pinch of anger and a hat of happy. It can look like anything you like. Make sure you label it!
  3. Now write – what adventure would your monster get up too? Where would your story be set? How would your character behave? Remember to use a range of conjunctions to join your sentences together. Can you add some contractions like couldn’t, can’t, he’ll ?  

For more formal lessons there are still sessions available on the Hamilton Trust Website. 



Don’t forget to read every day! I have included some reading activities this week for you to focus on. Try this activity on summarising. This will be a key skill when you move into year 3.


These words are from the year 2 spelling list or they include the spelling patterns for year 2.

Keep it up Wizards with the Magic spelling app –Can you improve your scores? The General year two log on you can all use: Username : Dave Yeartwo       Password: EQJAQNDS