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W/C 15.06.20

Hi my little Sausages! 

Hello and I hope you are all happy, busy and safe? Ihope you enjoyed learning about the oceans and seas last week? I found out lots of facts about rock pools too and a creature called a bristle worm! 

VEGGIE UPDATE . I have been working hard to remember to water my tomatoes and cucumbers. They are growing tall but no tomatoes yet!  

It has been lovely to see one or two of you in school either in Educare or when dropping off brothers and sisters. I do miss your lovely faces. 

I was cheered up this week when I received some letters from you! Many of you had drawn pictures and told me about some of the exciting things you have been up too! I must say you are doing a great job and learning all the time! It's so nice to hear your news and while we can't be together in the classroom, we can still keep in touch. 

There is a new oracy challenge this week. This time it's for a big event across the country (maybe even the world). It is a festival of Speech to celebrate children's voices! The task is to film yourself presenting your own thoughts on lockdown - the title is:  What you have learned in Lockdown. You can write a poem, a story, a diary entry or a speech all about you and what you have found out! It sounds very exciting. If you want to take part get someone to film you, send it in an e-mail to school and we will submit it to the Festival of Speech! This will be on facebook and twitter so your grown ups need to say it's ok. You can take a sneaky peek at what some of the other children across Plymouth have had to say! I will put a link in for you to look at. (Your grown up will have to help). I know you are Oracy experts and brilliant at sharing your ideas, you will be awesome at this task! 

Miss you lots like stinky grots. 

Be amazing my smart sausages. 

Mrs K 


Home learning overview W/C 15.06.20


Keep up with TTRockstars and Numbots. Here are some daily sessions. 



Remember there are some formal lessons in English for this week on Hamilton Trust, and some daily short sessions on BBC Bitesize following the year 2 curriculum for Summer 2020. Just Google BBC Bitesize daily English lessons. 



Remember reading will take you places, all over this world and in your imagination. By now I hope you will have read so many new and old books! You could imagine you are trapped on a desert island and you are able to bring only 5 books....which 5 would you choose? Why?

Here is another reading comprehension activity for you to read and answer questions on all about superheroes!  


Developing reading skills

Phonics and SPaG Skills 

Magic spelling app – as last week.

  • ea digraph eg beast, neat
  • ear digraph e.g. beard, clear
  • dg/dge – di/trigraph – bridge, smudge
  • greetings – hello, evening
  • oy digraph – boy, royal
  • le,al,le endings
  • ir digraph – dirty, first


Year two Super Star group – you are working on vowels!

The General year two log on you can all use:

Username : Dave Yeartwo       Password: EQJAQNDS

Practise your neat handwriting is to copy out your spellings correctly.

Writing Ideas 

  • You are a crazy scientist and you have been given the chance to invent a new animal. Think about what the animal looks like. Does is have fur? Does it walk on four legs? Does is have a trunk like an elephant? Where does it live? What does it eat? Make sure to use interesting vocabulary to describe your new animal.
  • Do you remember reading James and the Giant Peach? Can you write a diary entry as one of the people of New York that saw the peach coming in to land? What did they see? What did they hear? What did it look like?



Have a look at the Science Home learning sheet. Look at the activities and see what amazing facts you can find out about your body!


Have you been doing PE at home with Joe? If so you might like to have a go at these: 

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A yoga adventure inspired by the movie, Trolls. Join Jaime on an adventure in yoga poses - as we help the Trolls bring happiness to the world! Remember to su...

Star Wars | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 18 | Star Wars | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! A kids yoga adventure inspired by Star Wars! Enjoy being a Jedi Knight following the hero's path in th...


What can you remember about the UK? Complete the activities on this page. Can you write a sentence using each of the world words at the bottom of the page?


Can you complete the activities in this music lesson and have a go at making your own jam jar xylophone?