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W/C 18.05.20

Hi My Little sausages! 


I hope you are all well, safe and happy? What a busy week it has been! I've been lucky enough to speak with most of you on the telephone and those who I have not spoken with, that is because I tried lots of times but there was a problem (if this is the case grown ups can contact school and I will try again), or I will be seeing you in person next week in school with the Key worker children! YAY! smiley

It was very odd speaking to you guys on the phone but lovely to hear what you have been up too, not just school work but what you have been doing at home and how you feel. It was great to hear that so many of you were reading and trying to complete as much home learning as you could, while also painting, making and baking! There were lots of dens being made in living rooms, which sounded fantastic! 

There are lots of opportunities coming up this week to watch live events from a range of places including Plymouth Aquarium! Maybe you could log on to watch? Last time I watched the staff feeding sharks and the staff at the aquarium told us all about the creatures, where they are from and the food they like to eat. It was fascinating! 

I've started a new book this week. Ms Price loaned me her copy of 'Who let The Gods Out' by Maz Evans. It is all about a young Zodiac Goddess on a mission! It's great! I'd love to hear all about the books you are reading this week. 

Miss you lots like Jelly Tots. 

Take care sausages. 

Mrs K 




Which invention or discovery has been the most important for humankind and why? 


The wheel,  the telephone, the computer or fire? 


Think about what each invention or discovery does, why it is important and then how it has helped the world today? What could not have happened without it?  Remember to use your sentence stems and challenge each other's ideas. Can you challenge someone to change their mind and agree with you? Use the challenger sentence stems to help you talk this out! 

Keep talking!


Maths looks a little different this week. We are going to use a different website. This is actually part of the site that we use when planning our maths in school, so it is closely linked to the WhiteRose scheme of work that we have been following. This allows you to watch videos and complete challenges. It looks lots of fun! 

Username: DYear2 

Password: Dave2020

School ID: 3ggk


As previous weeks: 

Writing challenge 

  • Imagine an alien visited the earth for the day and you had to look after him. What kind of things would you do with him? What would you show him in Plymouth? Remember to check your capital letter and full stops, check your spellings and use interesting adjectives.
  • You are an amazing inventor! What would you invent and why? Remember to describe your invention using interesting adjectives and prepositions!

Reading Comprehension skills 

Here are two reading challenges. Remember to choose your own reading level. 


Spelling and Grammar 

Keep up your work on the Magic Spell app! You are zooming through the weekly spellings. Try and use them in a sentence, write them in your posh writing! 



What is the life cycle of a plant? Watch the video and complete the quiz. Can you draw the life cycle of a plant? Can you present it an another imaginative way? I'd love to see some pictures. 


Telling the time! 

A telling the time game.


Can you create your own piece of art using finger painting? Here are some pictures to inspire you.



I hope you had fun last week making up your own Joe Wicks style sessions? You have all the links I've shared before. You choose maybe you want to get your hear rate up and work off all that energy? Maybe you want to meditate? Complete a yoga session? 

Star Wars Yoga Special! | Saturday Morning Yoga

To celebrate Star Wars Day this week, Jaime introduces some of our most JEDI yoga and mindfulness videos. Roll out a mat and use the force! Have a great week...