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W/C 20.04.20

Week of 20.04.20

Hi Year 2!

Well what another sunny week! I hope you and your families are all well and keeping busy during this very odd term? It's truly spring time now and there are blossoms, flowers and birds busily building nests and collecting food everywhere! 

I've been working in school this week with some of your friends. We made the picasso faces from our home learning tasks last week and they were great. I hope you enjoyed making them too. I will pop a picture up so you can see them. 

Keep the photos coming onto our school Facebook and Twitter pages! I have loved seeing your work and smiling faces. I hope you liked the short video all the staff made for you, we really do miss you very much and can't wait to see you soon. I've been working hard on my baking skills so we might have some treats when we get back. 

Here is your work for this week. A usual there is an overview of  the activities and tasks for you to complete through the week. These always include Maths, English, Reading, spelling and PE. This week you have  a Science, History and PSHE task too. Reading is a tricky one, I  hope you have some books to read at home and if not there are lots of free ones to download and read at home. I will always  keep adding new links to sites that offer great activities for you and your families to try to access. 

Remember whatever you are doing at home,you are learning all the time! 

Take care my little sausages! 

Mrs Kelly 

PS Our class (Dave Yeartwo) - won the Class Magic spell 'Wizard of the week' this week!!!!! WOOOOOOOP 

Our Picasso inspired work

general overview of the w/c 20.04.20


Please use the White Rose resources from the website below. There is a different activity for each day! We are on week 2, not the one dated 20.04.20 on the site. This is because we did not set you work through the easter Holidays. On the Website for each day there is also a short video clip to help explain what the activity is about. We are continuing with with Fractions! 


At Hamilton Trust there are weekly lessons to follow. They include reading tasks, comprehension and writing tasks.


Additional writing ideas

  • Write a diary for a day in the life of a character in the book you are reading or listening to at the moment. remember to write in the first person and in the past tense. 
  • Design a new front cover for a book that you have read and write a blurb (an exciting summary to describe the book). 


I have been asked by some parents for some handwriting sheets. These are available on Twinkl if you want some more but here is a simple handwriting booklet to work your way through.

Cursive handwriting booklet - year 2 common exception words


On the first page for year 2 and the first page of the whole school site there are lots of links to online books. In addition to this here are two different reading comprehension activities with a reading task. Give them a try. 



There are three activities for learning about the human body and how we can stay healthy. Can you complete all three? Then can you create a poster or an information leaflet describing the body and how we can stay healthy and look after ourselves? 


Significant people- making links with everyday life

Learn about Florence Nightingale - Who was she? What did she do? Why do we remember her today? 


Staying fit and active is essential for our wellbeing. I am trying to stay fit and have been doing Joe Wicks at home everyday! You can continue to use this or you can try looking on YouTube for 'Just Dance'. 

There are some great dances on here. I personally love the Ghostbusters dance and the Waka, Waka. 

GoNoodle is also very good. here you can train to be a superhero, pop bubbles or learn a funky dance to a catchy tune. 


Chill out and unwind 

As well as looking after our bodies, it is very important to look after our mind! This week try some meditation for relaxation. In class we do this once a week and you love it! We always talk about how we feel, what we imagined while we meditated. Try not to fall asleep though as we have come very close to it in class!