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W/C 22.06.20

Bonjour  my super sausages! 

Hello again and I hope you are all staying happy, busy and safe? I hope you have not been frightened by the rumbling thunder? I love the rain and thunder storms and my garden has loved all the extra rain. 

VEGGIE UPDATE . I have now got some teeny, tiny cucumbers on my plants! Yay. My tomato plants are still alive, so that's something, but no tomatoes yet!  Fingers crossed kiddos! 

This week at school the children in year 1 were learning all about bubbles! Did you learn anything about bubbles this week? 

Last week I loved getting letters from you so much that I was hoping that you may want to continue writing each week or so? You can tell me stories, jokes or just your news! You could even make it up and write something silly or draw a picture. I also like to hear about what you have been reading. I need some top tips about what book to read next! 

This week we are continuing with last weeks video oracy challenge.  I am excited to see your short video clips for the festival of Speech to celebrate children's voices! The task was to film yourself presenting your own thoughts on lockdown - the title is:  What you have learned in Lockdown. Remember this can be a poem, a story, a diary entry or a speech all about you and what you have found out or learned during lockdown! It sounds very exciting. Just get someone to film you and send it in an e-mail to school and we will submit it to the Festival of Speech! This is still on facebook and twitter so your grown ups need to say it's ok. 

I haven't put any links on here this week for PE. I know, that you know and we all know that staying fit and healthy is so important. You have been walking, running, creating dances, doing yoga and following Joe Wicks daily. You can choose your own favourite activities daily. There are links on the class and school pages. JUST GET MOVING! 

This week I have also watched a very funny film, it's called 'Farmageddon'! It's the new Shaun the Sheep film. It was so silly and it made me laugh my socks off! 

Miss you lots like smelly socks. 

Be brilliant my tiny sausages. 

Mrs K 



Keep up with TTRockstars and Numbots. There are lots of challenges and I can see some of you are doing a super job working through the challenges and you are getting so fast at your 2, 5 and 10 times tables and some of you are smashing your 3 times tables too! 



Remember there are some formal lessons in English for this week on Hamilton Trust, and some daily short sessions on BBC Bitesize following the year 2 curriculum for Summer 2020. Just Google BBC Bitesize daily English lessons.



I wonder which 5 books you chose last week to have with you on a desert island?  Maybe you could make a book review for the top 3? 

Here is another reading comprehension activity for you to read and answer questions on. Last week's text about Blueberry Boy was funny! I hope you enjoy this one, building on your reading skills. 

Phonics and SPaG Skills 

Magic spelling app –

  • th digraph eg this, thing
  • o-e split digraph e.g. nose, zone
  • ou – dirigraph – (ow sound) house, count  
  • mixed ai digraph – play, race, they
  • -y (ee sound) – silly, happy
  • Year 2 speling set 7


Year two Super Star group – you are working on vowels!

The General year two log on you can all use:

Username : Dave Yeartwo       Password: EQJAQNDS

Practise your neat handwriting is to copy out your spellings correctly.

SPaG Mat to complete

Writing tasks

These tasks can be done instead of the formal English lessons, or as well as! 

  • Do you think thunderstorms are scary? Why or why not? Can you explain why you think that? I think… because… Can you convince someone in your family to change their minds about thunderstorms?


  • Imagine you are a nocturnal animal (an animal that sleeps in the day and is awake during the night). Write about a night in the life as this animal.


Try this weekly reflection sheet. What has gone well for you what hasn’t? What could you change?


What is amazing about being you? What do you love about yourself and what do others like too? 


Watch the video on this page. What plants can you see in your garden or near where you live. Record what plants you can see. Can you have a go at drawing some plants as well?


Look at the voyage of the mayflower (Where the Mayflower sailed) Can you map out the route the ship took?


Read about the food that was eaten on board the Mayflower. Do you think it was healthy or unhealthy? Think about what food you would like to take on board the voyage and what food you would miss.