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W/C 27.04.20

Week beginning Monday 27th April 2020 

Hi Year 2!

What a week that was! I loved seeing some of you dressed up as superheroes on the  school Facebook and Twitter pages. You looked so great I thought I'd have a go too but I had to do boring jobs around the house being mum so my superhero was hanging out the washing and cooking tea! All of your families are superheros at the moment. 

I hope you are enjoying the home learning on line. It's very different and a bit strange for all of us. I'm trying to keep it interesting and matching what we would have been doing in school so when we get back we can talk about and share all of the great things you have been working on and more as I know many of you will be doing some super activities with your family. 

This week I have managed to learn a new skill. It is a kind of printing called Lino Printing. It's a bit tricky and there is a sharp tool I have to use, but I really enjoyed doing it! Sometimes an arty activity is just what you need to wind down and chill out. I've also been colouring, as I know many of you have. 

Here is your work for this week. A usual there is an overview of  the activities and tasks for you to complete through the week. These always include Maths, English, Reading, spelling and PE. This week you have  a Science, Geography and an Art  task too. There is also a Reading comprehension activity and some handwriting too. This is a great time for you to practise your handwriting joins and spelling.  

Take care my little sausages! 

Mrs Kelly 

PS Our class (Dave Yeartwo) - won the Class Magic spell 'Player of the week' again this week!!!!! WOOOOOOOP

General Overview of the week beginning 27.04.20


Please use the White Rose resources from the website below. There is a different activity for each day! We are on week 3, this will be the one dated 20.04.20 on the site. Remember that on the Website for each day there is a short video clip to help explain what the activity is about. We are completing our unit on Fractions!


Using Hamilton Trust and the weekly lessons building upon what you have completed so far. They include reading tasks, comprehension and writing tasks.


Additional writing ideas

  • imagine you have found an old, dusty suitcase in your loft. Describe what you find inside. Thaink about what the objects look like and who they might have belonged to. Remember to use interesting adjectives and expanded noun phrases to make your writing amazing! 
  • Write a letter to one of your friends about a day that you have enjoyed since we have all been away from school. It can be real or made up. It can be as crazy and silly as you like. 


The handwriting booklet I gave you last week is quite lengthy so you may still be working your way through it. Here is one more should you need it. 


Magic Spell

There are some new sounds again this week. Who will be the highest scoring team or individual? 



Here are two Non fiction texts with some questions about the writing. There are two to choose from and each one has 3 levels. You will know which one suits your reading skills as  we have used some of these in class before. They all say the same kind of thing but with slightly different details and questions. Your grown up can help you work out which one is for you! I've chosen a non fiction text about birds and also one about sharks. You can choose one or both! 



What is light? What is sound? Can you compete the activities on both of these pages? Look around your home , how many sources of light can you find? Is the moon a source of light or something else?  


Can you complete Pirate Bunnies world adventure? You will need to use your knowledge of the World to help. Not as cute as you might think! 


You can still work out With Joe every day (and I do!). GoNoodle and Just dance are both great choices to get the heart pumping and your muscles working. You will find links to both of these activities in last weeks planning.  Or to keep things exciting why not learn a dance. Click on the link to a dance tutorial with another primary school!  Did you know that physical activity like this is great for your brain and mental health too?


What natural things can you find on your daily exercise or in your outside space to make a collage, painting or drawing on the theme of seasons? Send some photos of your creation into the schools email address and we can put some on our page.