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W/C 29.06.20

Hello Year 2 superstars! 

Hello again and I hope you are all staying happy, busy and safe?

What a week. That zoomed by. We had lovely sunny days, cold rainy days, thunder and wind! All in one week. 

VEGGIE UPDATE . My  cucumbers are growing very quickly but they are not big enough to put in a salad yet!  My tomato plants are now covered in tiny, yellow flowers, soon to be tomatoes! Wooop woooop, I didn't kill them. 

This week at school the children in Educare 1 were learning all about things growing in the gardens! Did you learn anything about plants this week? If you planted some seeds a few weeks ago, I wonder how they are coming along? 

This week I've received some more letters, a few emails and pictures and some work in the post! I got a super environmental poster with so many facts on it I was blown away! Keep those book reviews coming too as I need some top book tips. Your book reviews might even go on the wall in the library! 

In school this week I have found another website and its amazing. It's called Kids BOP. I've been learning how to dance, not like mum and dad dancing but cool dancing! I can't wait to show you my moves.

Today I'm off on a bike ride to Padstow on a bike path called The Camel Trail. I hope I don't bump into any camels? 

Miss you lots like chilly ice pops. 

Be fabulous my stinky sausages. 

Mrs K 


Keep up your TT rockstars! I love seeing your names on the website, face book and Twitter! You are doing so well. Some of you haven't been on in the last couple of weeks, so get going as your rockstars are getting bored! 


Today I have one oracy challenge for you to talk about this image and the other is a writing task. 

1. Oracy - look at this image of a dinosaur. What can you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? Talk about these three questions with a member of your family. Remember to use your sentence stems: I think that...because ...and..., I can see... and ..., I wonder why/how/what/if...?

2. Write you are the author and you are in charge. Do you want to write a story? An information sheet?  An idea for a film? Instructions? You use whatever style of writing you wish to and write whatever this image makes you think of. You are in charge. As year 2 and in the final weeks of year 2 you can use all of the skills. Remember handwriting, spelling rules, can you use suffixes (-ly , -est, -er) , prefixes (diss-, un-) ? Conjunctions (and, if, so , but, because)?


There are still 5 more formal lessons on Hamilton trust. last week Hamilton trust did not put year 2 work on until late so you can complete week 14 or 15. 




Don’t forget to read every day! Follow the links on the class page to access free online books for you to read. Complete at least two of the quick read Guided reading sessions on dinosaurs.



Magic spell is still going strong. The spellings from last week remain in place just to improve speed and accuracy. 

Try these SPaG games too, where you can also improve your questioning skills: 



Try this weekly reflection sheet. What has gone well this week, what hasn't? What would you change if you could? 

PSHE and Citizenship 

Take a look at one of these 5 videoclips (or more). Have you ever been in any of these situations? If so what did you do? What advice would you give the children (or bears) in these clips?


Try and have a go at KIDSBOP 



Watch the video on this page all about a very special person in history. This lady is one of my favourite historical figures. Her name was Mary Seacole. Once you have watched the video and completed the activities you should be able to tell me who she was, what she did, why she was so important.


What is sound? Can you record 4 amazing facts about sound? What sounds do you love/hate and why? What ideas can you come up with for sound proofing year 2 classroom so that no other teachers can hear how much fun we have and how loudly you guys laugh…all…..the…time!