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Year 2 Home learning for the week of Monday 13th April 2020 

Hi year 2! I hope you enjoyed the Easter break with your family and you have completed all the tasks set before the holidays? I have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to on the school Facebook and Twitter pages and know you have been working (and playing) hard!

Each week I will pop on an overview of some activities for you to complete through the week. These will always include Maths, English, Reading, spelling and PE. Then each week you will have a selection of different Art, DT, Science, Geography, History, RE and PSHE tasks. I hope these tasks are clear, interesting and enjoyable.

More than this, I can't wait to hear about what you have been doing with your family at home. What have you made? What have you seen in the space around you? Nature? Weather? Seasonal changes? Cooking skills! What games have you played? You are learning all the time! 

Take care my little sausages! 

Mrs Kelly 


Please use the White Rose resources from the website below. There is a different activity for each day!  On the Website for each day there is also a short video clip to help explain what the activity is about. We are starting this term with Fractions! We have done a little in class and we should all understand what we mean by the word half 1/2 and some of us understand what is meant by a quarter 1/4. 


This is also a fantastic web site which you can access from the TT Rockstars site. This is called NUMBOTS . There are lots of games and activities. You can log onto this extra site for 1 months for free. Give it a go!

Also don't forget TT Rockstars itself. I can check your progress and how well your band is doing weekly. Your passwords are in your reading diary and in the homework pack I gave you. 


At Hamilton Trust there are weekly lessons to follow. They include reading tasks, comprehension and writing tasks.

As we have just completed a whole unit on recounts and diary writing, you can continue a daily or weekly diary. Remember the diary we recently wrote in school for Boxton the rat? Your diary can be real or fictional. You can add images and even stick things in if you wish. Take this time to practise your beautiful joined handwriting. 

Daily English lessons

Additional writing ideas

Can you use this image to inspire you to write a story? 

The Boy and the Giraffe


You all should have your log on for Magic Spell - If not, there is a general year 2 log on you can use instead and you can find it in the document below. 

This weeks spelling list includes:

  • the /l/ sound spelled - al at the end of a root word that ends in 'e' e.g. arrive - arrival 
  • the /ow/ sound spelled 'ou' e.g. mouth , found
  • al and au spellings too

If you use the new log on at the top we can even challenge the other classes. Which class will get the highest score? 


How to log in to Magic Spell


Please read every day! There are extra books to read on our website section on the first page of this school website or follow the links on the class page to access free online books or audio books. I've also attached a reading bingo challenge to the main year 2 page. How many can you tick off? 


This term we have been learning all about The Uk. In this activity from BBCBitesize, you can follow Freya all over the UK. Can you name the countries? The capital cities? Can you record four facts you have found out about the UK today?



Get your picasso skills on! You can either create an image using the computer on this web site or you can use card to cut out and layer up shapes to make an abstract image of a face. Just like this photograph of some abstract Picasso style faces. Learn all about Picasso's style on the link below. 


By Mike Venezia Read Aloud by Allie Lamb

Picasso-Inspired Cardboard Portrait - Project #210

Create a fun portrait with cardboard!

General overview of the w/c 13.04.20