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Week 1 05.01.21


This week we are going to complete a stand alone week - we will revisit place value and all of the units we completed in the Autumn term. There are 4 mats to try and work your way through as many questions as you can. You could try one mat a day. Try and use all the methods we have learned - sticks and bricks, column method or using manipulatives. You can always draw the problem and use part, part whole models or bar models to help you. 



It's so important to keep up with your reading in these weeks away from school. You can read as many different types of Text as you like, magazines, websites and books. There are some great links to free reading sites on the main page for year 2 but here are 4 packs of reading jobs - there is a short section ro read and some comprehension questions for you to try out your retrieval and inference skills. Each document is set at 3 different levels, choose your level of challenge. 

Spelling and Grammar 

Here are some very boring sentences and some silly spellings. Choose one page to complete and fix. You need to choose which page you will do - set your challenge level. Will it be 1 star or 3? 


Look at this silly shoe picture in the link below! Can you read and think about the questions on the sheet? Could you write a story about the shoes in the picture? Are they magic? Where will they take you? Use your oracy skills to tell someone about them. Can you describe them? What adventures will they take you on? 

I have also uploaded a poem all about Shoes! There are a number of activities to do on this poem - think about the beat, the adjectives. Could you write a poem about your shoes?  


History - can you make a poster including all of the facts you can remember about the History of Plymouth? What facts can you remember about Plymouth and how it has changed? Use our trip to The Box to help inspire you! 


Science - Last term we learned all about animals and what they need to survive. How much do you remember? Watch this clip and see if you can complete the activities. 


More Science - Scientists have to study and work hard. It is important that all the work you do in science is done scientifically! learn what this means and how to do this in this clip and activity about dinosaurs!