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At Mount Street Primary School, History is taught with the intent of building a strong Historical knowledge base for each pupil, which progresses from EYFS to Year 6. Starting with the National Curriculum and taking into account the contextual needs of our school community, children will use their increasing knowledge and understanding of history to question, enquire, compare and contrast an increasing range of historical times. We aim to develop a love, curiosity and deep understanding of why we (our local, national and worldwide community) are here, where we have come from and how we got to this point. 


Each year we develop the children's conceptual knowledge and understanding through 'Big Ideas' which develop both in depth and knowledge as the children progress through the school.


Our aim is that children as they develop can look to their own future with a strong foundation of knowledge and historical learning allowing them to take a responsible and active role in shaping, not only their local community, but communities regionally, nationally and globally if they wish.