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Year 3

Year 3@ Mount Street Primary


Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 3!


This term, we will be studying an engaging array of topics across the subjects, including continuing to develop our love of reading. Our author study this term will be on Phillip Pullman,  who wrote ‘The Firework-maker's Daughter’ (this term’s whole class novel).



As ever, if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch via Dojo or the school office.  We will always do our best to answer any questions while ensuring that your child is happy in school.




Our class book for this term is ‘The Firework-maker's Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman. In English, we will be using our class book as inspiration for writing a mystery story. We will also be discussing and writing our own recount texts.  Within all our writing, we will be working on a range of grammatical features including the use of fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and continuing to use a range of conjunctions to expand our sentences. Reading, spelling and handwriting will be practised weekly.



In Maths, we will be consolidating our learning of place value and operations from the Autumn term and Spring term, with daily arithmetic questions. At the start of the term we will extending our fraction knowledge by applying it to questions. After half term, we will start to learn about angles, shapes, mass, time and capacity. All children will be expected to revise their times tables at home daily.



In Science, we will be learning about light in the first half of the term and rocks in the second half of the summer term. We will be learning about how light behaves on different surfaces, different sources and how light enters the eye.  In the second half of the term we will be studying the different types of rocks, consider the differences between a bone and a fossil and discuss what soil is composed of. Throughout our lessons, we will use our scientific skills to conduct experiments and discuss our findings.  


This term we will be developing our skills in digital media, by taking a photographs and different sources of media.  We will explore the work of David Hockney and use his work as inspiration for our own digital media.  



In Computing, we will be developing our understanding of communicating responsibly via email. We will  learn how emails work and consider how to safely write emails to people we know.  computer systems and how information is transferred between systems and devices. In summer 2 we will be collecting data using software. We will analyse the data and discuss the importance of  keeping a person's data private. 



This term we will be focusing on textiles. We will explore and evaluate a range of existing products before making our own. We will then learn different styles of stitches, how to sew on a button and develop a prototype. We will then consider a range of materials and components according to their functional and aesthetic qualities.Finally, we will make our own product and evaluate it once it is finished. 



This term we will be developing our vocabulary around a range of subjects including recognising and responding to questions, names of objects and actions.  We will listen to stories, learn phrases and rehearse speaking and writing in French.



Our Geography focus this term is Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains.  We will be discovering the different layers of the earth, how volcanoes occur and erupt and earthquakes happen. We will also be learning  about the different volcanoes placed all over the earth and discuss why this is.  



At the beginning of this term all the learning about how music makes a difference to us every day. We will consider how music has a psychological impact on us and how songs are a part of our identity and history. During this unit we will considering different elements of music including, pulse, rhythm and pitch. This unit will also consist of us learning new songs, singing and playing instruments. 


In Summer 1, we will be continuing to develop our athletic skills, with a focus on performing a variety of throws using a selection of equipment. We will also be working on our orienteering skills and focus on how to communicate effectively. In Summer 2, we will start to work on our striking and fielding skills, with a focus on our co-ordination and control skills. We will also work on our sports day activities in preparation for our sports day event. 




In Summer 1, we will be thinking about relationships.  We will be thinking about different roles and responsibilities people have in our family and friendships. We will so consider how to keep ourselves safe and our needs and rights. In Summer 2,  about how our body changes over time.  We will consider how babies grow, how our body changes over time depending on our gender and discuss different stereotypes. 



In Summer 1, we will be asking the question ‘What kind of world did Jesus want?’.  We will identify texts that came from a Gospel, which tell the story of the life teaching of Jesus and discuss the 'fishers of people'. Later in the term, we will be asking the question ‘How and why do people try and make the world a better place?' We will be discussing what is wrong with the world and consider how we could make it better together. 

Useful Information

Home learning

This will be set at the following times:

Maths and English  – Monday to be handed in on Friday.

Reading – 10 minutes reading daily. We ask that an adult signs the reading diary and it is handed in at least once per week. This is a whole school focus this year!

Spellings: There will be weekly tests on Friday.

Times Tables:  TT Rock Stars daily.


Games and PE

Children will need their PE kit in school all week as children  MUST have P.E. kit to take part for health and safety reasons.


Kit:        Trainers, white shirt, blue/black shorts, football/trainer socks.

In colder weather, a plain tracksuit may be worn outdoors for games.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are named. A small named bag containing your PE kit is all that is necessary as cloakroom space is limited.  Please keep your PE kit in school and we will ensure that it is sent home each half term for washing.



As so many of us are spending more and more time online, it is important that the children have a secure knowledge of how to be safe.  We will discuss various issues regarding this each week.  If your child or yourself have any questions linked to their online world, then please do not hesitate to get in touch or have a look at some of the links below.

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