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Year 3

Welcome back to the second half of the Summer term! 


Summer 2 Week 5

Hi Year 3,


I hope you had a good week. Thank you to all the children who wrote a letter, email or sent a picture into school. It was lovely to hear from you. If you didn’t get a chance to write something, don’t worry, just send something into school when you can. This week, I have added a few RNLI tasks in the topic section. Use them to learn about how to keep safe at the beach this summer. I have also changed the Maths worksheets. I hope you like them!  As always, try your best this week, be brave and have a go! 


Stay safe and take care. 


Miss Crowther smiley




Year 3 Activities: Week beginning 29th June



The Maths activities are no longer available on the White Rose site so from now on please use the use the worksheets in the folder below. 


Also, don’t forget to keep using Times Tables Rockstars! Your passwords were attached to your activity packs from the first week. I will be checking to see who has logged on! Keep up the good work if you have. 


For children who don't know their Times Table Rockstar username and password use the one below:


  Username: davyea3                      Password: vys



If you wish to follow a more formal lesson with your child, please use the English resource I have attached below.

Writing ideas:

  • Create a leaflet on how to keep safe at the beach this summer. Try to include as much information as possible. Don't forget to use text boxes and pictures to display your information. Use the RNLI resources in the topic section to help you complete this task.

  • Can you write a story about the picture below? Use the story starter to get you going! Don't forget to use fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. Use the documents below if you need help. 


Story starter!

After all the months of preparation and building excitement the big day had finally arrived. In unison, the balloons all took off into the air, leaving the cheering crowd far below, gasping at the magnificent spectacle.

A difficult journey lay ahead, and surely not all of the balloons would make it, but they had to try – the prize of £1’000’000 for the first crew to make it around the world was a great incentive…


Question time!

How many balloons do you think are taking part in the race?

What do the crews have to do to win the race?

What does the winner receive?

What obstacles might they encounter along the way?

How many of the crews will make it around the world?

How do you think the crews would prepare for such a journey?

What are the most dangerous things that they might encounter?


Perfect picture!

Imagine you are a crew member for one of the balloons. Can you draw everything you would take with you on the journey?



Please read every day! I have also attached a reading challenge below – how many can you complete?


Now we have read the whole of 'The Fire-Maker's Daughter' I have added some questions for you to answer about each chapter. If you have forgotten what happened in the chapter go back and watch the video. This week try and answer questions about Chapter 5. 


I have attached the year 3/4 spellings. You can pick five of these spellings to work on using the different spelling strategies (also attached below). Alternatively, you can use the Magic Spell app. As I am aware most of you have not got your password and username, I have made a new one that anyone can use.


Magic spell username: daveyearthree   Password: ESOO5640 (there are no zeroes)

Also, another way to practise your neat handwriting is to copy out your spellings correctly.

Other Learning




Summer 2 Week 5


Art - Create a poster on how to keep safe at the beach this summer.

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