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Learning at Home

Top tips to help your child continue learning beyond the classroom


Learning and playing with other children in a safe, structured environment, will help your child’s development, giving them a head start when they begin school.  Lots of ideas can be found on the following website ( ) but here are a few ideas to keep you going


  • Talk to your child about what they can see as you are walking along the road? (numbers on doors, road signs, animals, shops…)

  • Visit the park and play on the equipment, what do they like the best?

  • Point out numbers and signs as you are on your travels?

  • Count the steps when you walk up and down them.

  • Make cards to send to friends and encourage them to write their own message inside.

  • Play a game and encourage them to take in turns.

  • Encourage your child to be independent, can they:

  • Get themselves dressed?

  • Zip up their coat?

  • Eat with a knife and fork?

  • Ask a familiar adult for help?

  • Encourage messy play, sand and water are always children’s favourites, but what about trying finger painting, playdough, cooking and jumping in muddy puddles, they are great fun too.


Most of all make your children’s learning time at home fun and relaxed.