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Mount Street

Primary and Nursery School

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Meet the Staff

Management and Leadership Team


Ms B Shillaber



Mrs E Kelly/Mrs N Hibbert

Assistant Head Teachers/ Teaching and Learning leads


Mrs N Travers

Early Years Leader/Early Years SENCO/DDSL

Miss H Crowther






Miss G Smith

Year 1 Teacher                         

Mrs E Kelly                                     

Year 2 Teacher/English Lead/SLT

Mr T Ratsey

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs N Hibbert

Year 6 Teacher/ SLT/Maths Lead

Mrs P Clement-Stallard

Year 5 Teacher 

Miss K Price

Year 6Teacher


Mrs K Lovejoy

Year 4 Teacher/Year 6 Booster Teacher 


Mr M Redshaw

School Direct

Miss L Matthews

EY/ Year 2 teacher 



Miss H Pooley

Higher level  Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Blunt

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Gocher

Teaching Assistant/ Staff Governor

Mr D Chapman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Blatchford

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Bennett

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Smith

Teaching Assistant



Miss F Sims

Sports Apprentice






Foundation Stage Staff


Mrs N Travers                                                                       

Early Years teacher/ Early Years Lead/EY SENCO/DDSL

Miss L Knox

Reception Teacher

Miss L Matthews                                        

Early Years  Teacher

Mrs A Norrish

Teaching Assistant

Miss C White

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Friend
Teaching Assistant

Miss Le Huang

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Huggins

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Miss M Bennet

Teaching Assistant 




Ms T Brain    

Ms K Wyatt 

Mrs V Collins                                                                               






Early Start Club


Miss M Friend                                   

Breakfast Club







Mr T Colquhoun                                                                          


Premises Staff


Mrs S Ransley      

Ms T Brain                                                      



Support Staff


Mrs J Nation                                                                           

Office Manager

Miss M Thompson                                                                 

Apprentice Administrator 


Mr M Coomber

Administrator and Clerk to Governors


Kitchen Staff


Mrs K Hill                           

Kitchen Manager

Miss D Pelley      

Kitchen Assistant 




Safeguarding Team


Ms B Shillaber

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)                                   

Mrs N Travers

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)    

Mr J Bearne

Safeguarding Governor