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Camp Kernow 2023

Camp Kernow 2023


Day 1

On arrival the children explored the camp and learnt how the team at Camp Kernow live off grid using a well and solar panels to provide fresh water and electricity.  They were then shown how to use the composting toilets and how waste water is cleaned through a reed bed.  After lunch, the children were shown how fabrics can be coloured using natural resources.  Following this, they went on a foraging walk, where they were shown which plants in the wild they could eat including wild garlic and nettles.  They then enjoyed the foraged ingredients with some fried potatoes!

After dinner, which the children helped prepare and clean up after, they went on a night walk where they met a woodsman in the woods who told them ancient stories sat by a lake with lantern for light!


Day 2

After an early start and a delicious breakfast, the children were taught the skill of archery.  They were all very good and all managed to hit the target!  Following lunch, the children then were taken to the climbing wall.  Again everyone did their best and challenged themselves to climb higher or take a more challenging path each time.

Dinner was woodfired pizza.  The children made the pizza dough and then selected their own toppings - delicious!  Later in the evening, they all sat around the campfire, where they used a flint and steel to make a spark prior to lighting the campfire.  They told stories and played games and then, once the fire was burning white, roasted marshmallows.  


Day 3

The final day at camp - once the sleeping bags had been wrestled back into their bags, the children enjoyed another yummy breakfast and then said farewell to the camp and Charlie and Claire.  Connie then took the children deep into the woods where they made dens and learnt  about survival skills.


Finally, the children enjoyed a picnic lunch prior to boarding the coach to return to school.


A fantastic time was had by all.  A huge thank you to all the staff at Camp Kernow, who made this an extremely memorable experience for all the children.


We look forward to visiting again next year!!!