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Heatree 2019 - Day 1

We arrived safely this morning at 11.45, having travelled through a full season of weather and an assortment of rainbows!  We had our lunch and then broke out into our teams and either went orienteering around the site or took part in small problem solving activities on Tamakali Island!  This gave us the opportunity to meet our Prince Rock team mates and work together collaboratively.

We then came back to the house and were allocated our bedrooms and given time to unpack - surprisingly this meant taking our clothes out of our suitcases and putting it into drawers!  

Dinner was cannelloni, garlic bread and salad, followed by apple crumble and custard - all the children ate really well and were praised for their beautiful manners.  Red group had the pleasure of washing up and setting the tables whilst the rest of the children went back to their rooms to get ready for evening rounds. 

After rounds, it was down to the activity room for a quiz which was won by Green group.  

Following hot chocolate and home made shortbread, it was off to shower get ready for bed, clean teeth and settle down before lights out at 10pm.  Day 1 complete!