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Heatree 2021 - Day 1

After a somewhat wet walk to the coach, we travelled to Heatree, in the pouring rain, arriving at 12 O'clock.  After lunch and a familiarisation, we travelled to Tamakelie Island to rescue the Tamakelie bird's eggs which had been stolen by pirates. We were team building and getting to know each other.  

We returned to the accommodation at 4pm and found out where we were sleeping and who our roomies were.  We then had time to get unpacked and to carry out some serious duvet wrestling before a fire drill and then dinner.  Home cooked lasagne, garlic bread and salad was followed by homemade apple crumble and custard!  We went back to our rooms to make sure that they were ready for inspection before going down to our Rec Room and taking part in an inter-room general knowledge quiz.  

Homemade cherry shortbread was supper before we went and got settled for the night.  Lights out at 9.00 and lots of whispering until 10.....  Day 1 complete