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School Closure from 23rd March

Friday 20th March 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


This is our last day until further notice and from Monday the school will be closed until further notice as announced by the prime minister on Wednesday.


The government is very clear that, if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.


As per Government instruction, the school will remain open for children of ‘key workers’ where alternative childcare cannot be found, or where the only available carer is someone over the age of 70 or has an underlying health condition. Key workers include frontline health and social care workers, nursery and teaching staff, social workers, key public services like the justice system, key local government roles such as the payment of benefits, those involved in essential food production and delivery, public safety and national security workers, essential transport services, utilities, communication and financial services. For the full list, see


If you believe you meet one of these criteria, please complete the Key Worker Request form on our website and return it to the school as soon as possible and no later than 3pm today. If you have any other way of providing appropriate childcare, you should not request a school place. You are also required to have checked with your employer that your specific role is necessary for the continuation of an essential public services. Childcare will only be provided on days when the key worker is at work. Due to school staffing shortages, we will only be able to grant places to a limited number of children or the school will have to shut altogether. We may not be able to grant all places requested so please provide sufficient information for us to assess your request.


If we are able to grant your request, we will confirm this before 5pm today. The school will be open for these children between the hours of 8.50 and 3.10.  If you do not receive confirmation of a place, your child will not be able to attend school from Monday 23rd March onwards.


We are extremely mindful that these are very stressful times for everyone and we are trying to play our part in fighting this virus for as long as we can. If you have any other questions, please do get in touch. Thank you for your continued support.


With kind regards,


Ms C Brake

Executive Head Teacher