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Year 5

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 5!



In Maths, we will be consolidating our learning about operations, from the autumn term, with a weekly arithmetic test. At the start of the spring term, we will be measuring and calculating area and perimeter. Then, we will move on to learning about fractions. Finding equivalent fractions, adding, subtracting, simplifying them and converting them into mixed number fractions.



Our class book for this term is ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. In English, we will be using our class book as inspiration for writing a transformation text. We will also be discussing, conducting and writing our own debates. Furthermore, we will be exploring narrative poems and the use of figurative devices within them. Within all our writing, we will be working on a range of grammatical features including the use of relative clauses, modal verbs, commas for ambiguity and continuing to use a range of conjunctions to expand our sentences. Reading, spelling and handwriting will continue on a weekly basis.



Our topic for spring is ‘Water World’. We will be researching rivers of the world, features of a river and the impact they have upon us.

In Science, we will investigating materials and their properties. We will use our scientific skills to conduct experiments and discuss our findings.

In DT, we will be researching, designing and making our own bridge.

Mrs Lovejoy and Mrs Mahoney will be teaching French, Music, ICT and RE in PPA over the whole of the Spring term.


Class Information 

  • P.E. will be on Thursday (Indoors) and Friday (Outdoors)
  • The children’s spelling test will be on Fridays. The children will be given their new spellings on a Monday.
  • Homework will be given out on a Monday and will be due in on the following Friday.
  • Guided reading books will be checked every Friday. The children are expected to read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. This will need to be recorded in their books and signed by an adult.


Please come in to see me if you want to discuss anything.


Y5 Term 2 – Spelling Rules and Patterns




Sample Words

To investigate word families.

Word classes – Verb  Adjective  Noun  Adverb

sign – signature designer equip equipment reequip  occupy  occupying

To investigate endings which sound like shus spelt ciousor tious.

If the root word ends in ce,  the sh sound is spelt as c

precious conscious  ambitious  cautious

To investigate endings which sound like shul (cial, tial).

cial is common after a vowel and tial common after a consonant.

There are exceptions.

official  special  confidential  essential

To investigate words ending in ant, ance and ancy, ent, ence/ency.

Use ant and ance/ancy if there is a related word with a clear ai sound in the right position.

Use ent/ence/ency after a soft c sound, soft g sound and qu, or if there is a related word with a clear e sound in the right position.

hesitate hesitant hesitancy hesitance

independent  independence independency

To investigate words ending in ible/ibly and able/ably.

Dropping able generally leaves a recognisable word which can be heard. 

ible is less common and the root isn’t always recognisably heard.

adorable adorably

horrible horribly 

To investigate words ending in ive. ic and ist.

Before adding a suffix, drop the final e or y.

Changes words from one group to another

active  horrific  artist sympathetic

To investigate adding suffixes which begin with a vowel to words ending in fer.

The r is doubled if the fer is still stressed when the ending is added. 

The r is not doubled if the fer is no longer stressed.

referring   referred  referral  reference  referee preference transference

To investigate words which are often misspelt when prefixes or suffixes are added.

Rules dependent upon the word groups that are covered.

disappear  beginning  business necessary

especially immediate  mischievous  relevant