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Year 5

Year 5 @ Mount Street Primary 


Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 5!


This term History is our driver, and we will be learning about The Early Islamic Civilisation of Baghdad.   Our understanding and knowledge will be embedded not only in our History  lessons, but through, art and literature.  We will be continuing to develop our love of reading and this term’s whole class novel will be ‘Cogheart' by Peter Bunzel. 



Mrs Foster and Miss Clement will be working together each day to teach the children with Mr Chapman to support the class in the mornings.  As ever, if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch via Dojo or the school office.  We will always do our best to answer any questions while ensuring that your child is happy in school.


In English this term, we will developing our writing skills across a range of genres including, descriptive writing within stories from other cultures and performance poetry.  Later in the term, we will be looking at examples of persuasive writing where we will look at the features which authors use to hook the reader and then ultimately, we will write leaflets to persuade tourists to visit Plymouth based on our knowledge from last term's geography unit.  


This term, we will further develop our understanding of formal multiplication and division methods.  We will then focus on our understanding of fractions, learning how to find fractions equivalent to non-unit fractions, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, and learning how to multiply fractions.  We will finally develop our understanding of decimal numbers and percentages. 


We will also study forces, looking carefully at air resistance, water resistance, friction, leavers, pullys and gears.  As always we will combine learning new knowledge with working scientifically while developing and embedding previously taught scientific concepts.

We will be investigating our solar system, learning all about the planets, the Earth and Moon and asteroids.  We will also be learning about the moon phases and how our mass is affected by gravitational pull on different planets.



This term we will be developing our skills in using ceramics, by creating mosaic tiles.  We will explore  Islamic Art, then using these examples to design and create our own ceramic tiles.  




In computing we will will be building on our knowledge of how we can be safe when working online.  We will revise the need for strong passwords, and  consider how we use online communication and know who to go to if we need help with any communication matters online. We will also discuss online bullying and through discussion, we will recognise when health and wellbeing are being affected in either a positive or negative way through online use.



This term we will be focusing on food technology.  We will learn about seasonal foods, the nutritional and health benefits of using fruit and vegetables our meals. We will develop our cooking knowledge and skills using a range of tools to develop techniques including peeling, chopping and grating to create and make a range of savoury dishes.



This term we will be developing our vocabulary around a range of subjects including numbers, school and animals.  We will listen to stories, learn phrases and practise speaking and writing in French.




This term we will be continuing to learn to play the guitar.  Mr Norman will continue to develop our knowledge of chord sequences and scales as well as developing our musicianship.  We will play and sing a variety of songs which we will perform at a festival during this term.  



This term we well be continuing to develop our gymnastic skill, with a focus on movement and sequencing, developing skills such as leaping, round offs and cartwheels.  We also incorporated apparatus into our sequences.

We will also develop our team skills through the game of Hockey.  We will develop basic ball control using a hockey stick and then apply these new skills to small team games.



This term we will we will be thinking about our own dreams and goals.  We will be thinking about how we need money to help us achieve or goals and the different types of jobs we may have in the future.  We will think about the steps we need to take to achieve our goals and consider the dreams and goals of younger people in a different culture to mine.

We will also be learning how to be healthy, by learning about the risks of smoking and drinking alcohol on the body.  We will learn about emergency situations and practice what to do in different situations.  We will also look at the media portrayal of body image and what we need to do to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.



This term we will be asking the question ‘What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?’.  We will identify and explain Muslim beliefs about God, The Prophet and the Holy Qur’an and pupils will make clear connections between Muslim beliefs and Ibadah.  Finally, we will reflect on what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today.

Later in the term, we will be asking the question ‘Why do Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah?’  We will explain Incarnation and the Messiah within the context of the Bible and make connections between texts. 

Useful Information

Home learning

This will be set at the following times:

Maths and English  – Monday to be handed in on Friday.

Reading – 10 minutes reading daily. We ask that an adult signs the reading diary and it is handed in at least once per week. This is a whole school focus this year!

Times Tables:  TT Rock Stars daily.


Games and PE

Children will need their PE kit in school all week as children  MUST have P.E. kit to take part for health and safety reasons.


Kit:        Trainers, white shirt, blue/black shorts, football/trainer socks.

In colder weather, a plain tracksuit may be worn outdoors for games.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are named. A small named bag containing your PE kit is all that is necessary as cloakroom space is limited.  Please keep your PE kit in school and we will ensure that it is sent home each half term for washing.



As so many of us are spending more and more time online, it is important that the children have a secure knowledge of how to be safe.  We will discuss various issues regarding this each week.  If your child or yourself have any questions linked to their online world, then please do not hesitate to get in touch or have a look at some of the links below.

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