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Year 4

Year 4 @ Mount Street

Welcome to the Summer Term


During the Summer term , we have lots of exciting things to explore, discover and enjoy. You can find out in more detail about this term below. We will continue to focus on regular reading and practising the times tables facts to 12 x 12 this term and prepare for the national multiplication check in June.



To start our term, we will be presenting our Mini Police experiences  to other children and celebrate the success of our project. I'm really looking forward to learning all about different climates and rivers too. 

As always, a busy and exciting final term in Year 4.

Miss Price smiley


This term we will be looking at many different writing types including fantasy stories, information texts and narrative poetry. We will continue to focus on learning Year 3/ 4 high frequency words as well as different spelling patterns which include prefixes and ar/er endings. Throughout this term we continue to use a wide range of conjunctions, expanded noun phrases that are modified with prepositions, fronted adverbials , dialogue and other ways to make our writing more exciting and engaging for the reader. We will continue to improve our writing by checking and editing. Presentation will continue to be a focus to and we will regularly practising consistent, legible and joined handwriting.


Each day, we have a whole class reading activity. The texts are both topic based and from our Reading Spine for Year 3/ 4. These include fiction, non-fiction , poetry and plays and these sessions will further develop fluency, inference, retrieval, prediction, sequencing and summarising skills.


All children will have a home reading book suited to their reading level and this will be assessed regularly throughout the term. Each time a child reads to an adult or takes a AR reading test, they will be given a raffle ticket and at the end of the term a book prize will be awarded to the winner. Congratulations to both Patryk and Elena who have been our previous winners.



This term we will continue our focus on  addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division during our arithmetic sessions . Throughout the term,we will then be learning more about money, time, statistics and shape through reasoning and problem solving tasks. 


Each week , we will continue to spend time practising the times tables using many resources including TTRockstars. This knowledge will be a huge benefit to understanding many aspects of Maths in the future and will also be assessed in a national multiplication test in June.



This term we will be undertaking a number of investigations and further developing our working scientifically skills. We will be learning about different states of matter during the first half-term by exploring the properties of solids, liquids and gases. After half-term, we will be learning more about living things, the seven life processes ( MRS GREN) and habitats.




This term, we will be learning about climatic zones, biomes, eco systems and how this  impacts on biodiversity . We will find out more about  how different plants and animals have adapted to survive in different climates. In the second half term we will be focusing on developing our understanding of the water cycle and the journey of a river from source to the river mouth.




This term we continue to focus on learning more about the Christian faith and the impact of the Pentecost as well as how and why do people of all faiths celebrate significant events in their lives.




Linking with our topic water and rivers topic, we will be further developing our watercolour techniques and look for inspiration in the art of Turner and Kurt Jackson.


Design and technology

This term we will be linking our understanding of 3-d shapes and nets with making packages for special gifts.




This term we will begin by working with a PE teacher for Lipson on further developing our striking and fielding skills. We will then look at continuing our multi skills techniques and improving on our personal bests.



As well as singing opportunities, we will also continue guitar tuition and this term we will be working with Mr Norman and continue to use the school's guitars.



We will regularly cover e-safety topics, what steps to take to keep safe on line and our responsibilities. We will also look at micro-bit and creating musical algorithms.



We will continue to follow the Jigsaw programme, we will be looking at a variety of discussion tasks and activities.




With Miss Pooley, the children will continue to follow the ilanguages programme continuing to learn French through games, songs , conversation and activities.

Useful Information

Home learning

This will be set on TEAMS at the following times:

Maths and English  – Monday to be handed in on Friday.

Paper copies are available.

Reading – 10 minutes reading daily. We ask that an adult signs the reading diary and it is handed in at least once per week. This is a whole school focus this year!

Times Tables:  TT Rock Stars daily.


Games and PE

Children will need their PE kit in school all week as children  MUST have P.E. kit to take part for health and safety reasons.


Kit:        Trainers, white shirt, blue/black shorts, football/trainer socks.

In colder weather, a plain tracksuit may be worn outdoors for games.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are named. A small named bag containing your PE kit is all that is necessary as cloakroom space is limited.  Please keep your PE kit in school and we will ensure that it is sent home each half term for washing.



As so many of us are spending more and more time online, it is important that the children have a secure knowledge of how to be safe.  We will discuss various issues regarding this each week.  If your child or yourself have any questions linked to their online world, then please do not hesitate to get in touch or have a look at some of the links below.

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