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Year 4


Welcome to Year 4


Hello Everyone and welcome back in 2021 and to Remote Learning.

We had a very busy Autumn term and now we move into Spring. Keep safe and we will see you all again soon


Miss Price  ( Your Year 4 Teacher)  and Mrs Yabsley smiley

Important information

Good Morning ,

If you are unable to access the online Remote Learning and upload work each day then please take a learning pack . These are available each week and follow the online tasks as much as possible. These will need to be completed and left at the front office each week when a new pack can be collected. It is important that you follow either one of these options  as we need to support the children as best we can and be sure they are regularly 'attending' school. Thanks again for your support with this. If you have any further questions, please ask.

Miss Price

week beginning 18 1 21 timetable

Week beginning 11/1/21 timetable

The Borrowers: Episode One

Something to watch that will help you with your writing over the next few weeks.

Week beginning 4/1/21 timetable

Pandora's Box | The Greek Myth of Pandora and Her Box | Greek Mythology Story

Watch this clip to understand more about the Pandora's box myth.

How to Make an Ancient Greek Inspired Pottery Piece

Hopefully we will be back together soon and can get the clay out. In the mean time enjoy watching this .Are you inspired to make something that looks Ancient Greek?

♫ La Chanson des Couleurs ♫ French Colors Song ♫ Les Couleurs en Français ♫ Learn French Basics ♫

Have fun joining in with this French colour song. watch French colours can you say?

French colors - Couleurs - Arc en ciel by alain le lait

Watch and join in with this French colours song.

PE at home activity ideas