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Year 4

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 4!



In maths we will learn about numbers and what they represent. The children will be looking at four digit numbers and need to understand what each digit in a four digit number stands for. We will cover place value and addition and subtraction including using the formal columnar method for addition and subtraction. We will also be learning about multiplication, division and measurement including perimeter. We will be developing problem solving skills and the use of the bar model to solve problems throughout these units. We will also be learning our 7 and 9 times tables.



In English we will be writing instructions on how to make an Egyptian Death mask.  We will also be writing our own Ancient Egyptian themed myth.  We will be exploring poems focusing on word choices., we will be developing a love for and understanding of poetry. We will be working on a range of grammatical features in our writing including using fronted adverbials, inverted commas for direct speech and continuing to use a range of conjunctions in our writing. Reading, spelling and handwriting will continue regularly. 



Our topic is ‘Ancient Egypt’ We will be learning about this fascinating period of history and the children will be using their enquiry skills to find out lots of facts about this period of time including how people lived, what clothes they had, what they ate, how they lived, what they built and the gods that they worshipped.

In music, children have been learning to play the guitar.

In French we have been learning basic conversational skills, classroom instructions, numbers and colours.  We will also be learning about Christmas in France.


Class Information 

  • P.E. will be on Mondays (Indoors) and Tuesdays (Outdoors)
  • The children’s spelling test will be on Fridays. The children will be given their new spellings on Fridays.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be due in on the following Thursday.
  • Please come in to see me if you want to discuss anything.